Breed Standard for the Standard Schnauzer

Standard Schnauzers are a German breed and are a result of the need for an ideal farm dog. In Germany, they are known as the Mittelschnauzer ("middle Schnauzer"). Schnauzers became known for their abilities as ratters, guardians, hunters, and herders. They are the progenitor to the Mini and the Giant Schnauzer. The American Kennel Club standards that follow are abbreviated and what is looked for in the Conformation ring by our judges.

The Official Standard for SS are that they are to be a robust, heavy-set dog that is sturdily built with good muscle and plenty of bone. They are square-built when looking at their length to height proportion. Males are ideally 18.5-19.5 inches at the point of the shoulder blades. Females are 17.5-18.5 inches.

Their head is rectangular and elongated. The strong head narrows slightly from the ears to the eyes and again to the tip of the nose. The length of the head is approximately ½ the length of the back (as measured from the withers to the tail set). Eyes are medium sized, dark brown, oval in shape, and turned forward. The bite is a strong, scissor bite. The upper incisors slightly overlap and engage the lower.

Standard Schnauzers should have a short, strong back with a well-developed loin. The distance between the last rib and hips is to be as short as possible. The topline should not be perfectly horizontal. Rather, it should have a slightly descending slope with a faintly curved croup and set of the tail. The neck should be elegantly arched and blend cleanly into the shoulders. The rib cage should be well-sprung and the breastbone is clearly discernible. They should move with a sound, strong, quick, free, true and level gait. At the trot, the back remains firm and level, without swaying, rolling, or roaching.

The coat is tight, hard, and wiry. It is composed of a harsh outer coat with a soft, close undercoat. Colors may be Pepper and Salt or pure Black.

The temperament of the Standard Schnauzer is high-spirited with extreme reliability. They have highly-developed senses, intelligence, aptitude for training, fearlessness, endurance, and resistance against weather and illness.

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Standard Schnauzers belong to the Working Group of dogs as they are definitely a multi-tasking breed of dog. They live 13-16 years. Males weigh 35-50 pounds, and females weigh 30-45 pounds. There are many resources for you to read, and research is key to be sure this is the breed for you. Standard Schnauzers make a wonderful family dog who love to play, be challenged with new tricks and tasks, and always be near you. They are amazing watch dogs who aim to please their family! Please refer to our "Puppies" page if you are interested in bringing home one of these incredible dogs.